Monday, October 18, 2010

I survived SAPA!!!

1)Went on a nice train ride there and arrived in the freaking cold at the Lao Cai train station.
2)Ate some bombass Com Ran and Thit and Chao Ga.
3)Went to Dragon's Jaw and saw an amazing view of Sapa Town, experienced the fresh air and misty morning dew, took wonderful pictures and ate seaseme ice cream.
4)Went shopping around the market and got suckered into buying a bracelet from a cute hmong girl.
5)next day, went on a survival hike to Ban Ho and needed assistant from our little Hmong friends who were trekking through that mud like it was nothing while we had to nearly hold on with our dear lives to survive.
6)Bombass food at the stay home once we survived all of the mountain trekking.
7)Thank you Anh Thai for organizing our excursion and playing tour guide. I will gladly go work for our company if you ever open a tourist agency.

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