Monday, October 4, 2010

Harvesting Rice! for the people who Harvest Rice!

This weekend we went to harvest rice. however, I was one of the cooks who was in the kitchen, so I missed out on the chance to harvest, but it was still fun being in the kitchen. I'ver never had to make a full meal for 50 people, so it was kind of cool, and I learned how to make nem :) It took a really long time to prepare and make everything, we wanted to finish early to go out to the rice fields too, but the kitchen was so small and there weren't a lot of places to cook, so we had to take turns and rotate. Then, when all the people were back from cutting rice, we still weren't done, so they had to wait and some of them were nice enough to help. However, after the meal, everyone just knocked out and it makes me wonder about when all the rice farmers come back how tired and hungry they all are. Even though they were hungry, everyone was even more tired, so we seemed to overcooked. It was nice to work in the kitchen though cause I do like to cook, but it wasn't really cooking, but preparing really was what we were doing. I just wish I was able to go out into the fields for just a litle, but and take some pictures, but I'm glad I was in the kitchen or else my eczema would probably go into overdrive.

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